Parish History:

The pluralistic and secular ideals of India and the goodwill of religious leaders in the area paved the way for the establishment of a catholic church at Nadel, Vaikom in the midst of a thickly populated and historical land of Hindus.

With the help of many kind hearted persons in the locality the temporary structure and altar for the new church was erected on January I,  1930, and it was blessed by Mar. Agustine Kandathil, the late  Archbishop of Ernakulam and the first Holy Mass was offered by Rev. Fr. Thomas Palackal.

By the generosity of Varky Palackal who Donated 38 cents of land towards the construction of the church, and with co-operation and collaboration of many locals including people from other faiths, the church was constructed under the able leadership of Mathew Chemmazhikatt Vettimattathil. In gratitude to their co- operation and for the betterment of Deevar  Community,  he donated land for a fish market in the area. Fr. Jacob Kudiyirippil was the first parish priest of this new church, followed by Fr. Paul Vadasseril in 1934. From then on there were many Holy priests who selflessly rendered their service for the spiritual, social and economical development and growth of the church and the people in the area. 

The number of parishioners grew considerably and the church had no sufficient space to accommodate everyone. So Fr. John Rathapally put forward the idea of constructing a new church and the parish council also shared the same view. In 1956 January 1, he himself laid the foundation stone for the new church, with the hard work and toil of the people, the construction of the church and parish hall was completed in one year. Mar. Joseph Parecattil, then Archbishop of Ernakulam blessed the new church on May 15, 1957.

The pressing need of the time was to have a cemetery of its own. People faced lot of difficulties because they had to depend on Vaikom  Forane church or Pallipuram church for the burial of their beloved ones. The solution to this problem was found  by Fr. George Kottakal under whose leadership, after much hard work and legal battle the dream of a cemetery for the church came into reality on  July 24, 1961.

Msgr. Augustine Kandathil, The founder of “Save a Family” Plan, a programme which was acclaimed,  appreciated by and benifitted by thousands of poor people, is from this parish and was buried in our Cemetry.

Various Associations like Mathrusangam, legion of Mary, Marian sodality, Vincent de Paul society had been very active since the inception of church and has contributed much towards the Social, Economical & Cultural development of the society. The Associations like ddddd, Prayer group, Womens Welfare, K.C.Y.M were also formed later.

Special mention required is about the farsightedness of the priests who served the L.F Church. Among them one who stands out is Fr. Jose Pallipadan who thought about the extension of the campus and have a quality English Medium School. For which he purchased land to make a link road from main road to the church and started a school by name Lisieux  English School with 13 students and one teacher in 1983. Today this school stands out as the best School in Vaikom over 2000 students.

The presbytery work which was begun by Fr. Jose Pallipadan  was completed at the time of Fr. Thomas Parekatil.

The Welfare centre, an initative of Ernakulum - Angamaly Archdiocese is also under the territory of L.F Church Nadel. This institute has contributed to the technical training of the youths to earn their living. This centre also runs a press, computer centre, college and a book stall. Christ the King chapel which is in welfare center caters to the spiritual needs of the people. Every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday Holy mass is celebrated  in the evening.

In the initial stage there were no convents in the parish territory. The sisters from CMC Congregation from Vaikom forane church used to walk 4mile to teach Catichism to the children here. It was due to their hard work and dedication the Nadel church has many religious sisters today. Now there are two convents those of Sisters of Destitute and Adorotion Sisters in the territory of Nadel Church who whole heartedly work towards the betterment of the people in the society. The Adorotion Sisters run the B K Hostel for Working women.

The property 800 links adjacent to SABS convent was purchased by Palackal family and a grotto  was built there and was blessed by Fr. Jose Pallipadan.

At present the church has 250 families with more than 1000 members and they are divided into 8 Family units. Mr. Babu Kurisinkal & Mr. Cyriac Aravindath are the present trustees of the parish. The Parish also is blessed with a good Shepherd true to the Heart of Jesus in the person of Fr. Joseph Odanat.

As we turn the pages of history, we are grateful to our ancestors for their toil and labour for making the church what it is today. May God bless everyone who have been  part of this history directly or indirectly. Let St. Theresa of Lisieux shower the roses of blessings from above.